Job Member Terms of Use

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms are The Work Korea In order to use the "Service" operated by "Company" (hereinafter referred to as "Company"), it is intended to define the terms of use and all procedures, rights, obligations and responsibilities between the Company and its members, and other matters necessary.

Article 2 (Definition of Terms)

The definitions of terms used in this agreement are as follows.

  • "Site" refers to a virtual business site or website operated by a company, a mobile web, an app, etc., which is set up by a company using information and communication facilities such as a computer, in order to provide a service to a subscriber. Refers to the following sites where you can receive services using your member account (ID and Password). (Work Korea)

  • “Service” means a service that provides information by classifying, processing, and aggregating data registered for the purpose of employing employees such as companies, organizations, businesses, and educational institutions through the website operated by the company. Refers to all supplementary services offered on the site.
  • “Member” means a person who wants to use or use the service provided by “Company” and includes a person who wants to enter into a contract or use agreement with “Company” through interworking with external service such as SNS, and set up ID and Password. It is a “member” who is recognized as a member by the company through the sign-up process, sign-up confirmation e-mail or mobile phone authentication.
  • "ID" means a combination of letters and numbers selected by a "member" and assigned by a "company" for identification of the member and use of the service of the "member".
  • "Password" means a combination of letters and numbers selected by a "member" to confirm that the person who intends to use the services of the "company" is the same person who has been given an ID and protect the rights of the "member".
  • “Non-member” means a person who uses the services provided by the “Company” without registering as a member.

Article 3 (Specifications and Amendments to Terms)

  • “Company” refers to the terms and conditions, business name, location of business office, name of representative, Business Reg. The number, contact, etc. must be posted on the initial screen so that the user can know it or notified to the user through the method of Others.
  • The “Company” may revise these Terms and Conditions to the extent that it does not violate related laws such as the Act on the Regulation of Terms and Conditions, the Basic Act on Electricity Communication, the Act on Electricitytelecom Company Business, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.
  • When the Company revises the Terms, the date of application and the reason for the revision shall be specified and the current Terms and Conditions shall be announced together with the current Terms and Conditions from the date of the application of the amendment to the date of the application. However, in the case of a change that significantly affects the rights and obligations of the "member", the notice shall be notified before the date of application.
  • “Member” has the right to refuse any modified terms. “Member” may express its intention to reject within 15 days of the change of the Terms. If the Member refuses, the Service Provider, the Company, may terminate the contract with the Member after prior notice to the Member for a period of 15 days. If the "Member" does not indicate the objection or refuses to use the "Service" after the effective date in accordance with the preceding paragraph, it shall be deemed to be agreed.

Article 4 (Interpretation of Terms)

  • For matters not stipulated in these terms and conditions, the relevant laws and regulations such as the Act on the Regulation of the Terms and Conditions, the Basic Act on Electricity Communication, the Act on Electricitytelecom Company Business, and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.
  • Each site and service terms and conditions, if any, shall prevail.
  • If the "member" uses the service by entering into an individual contract with the "company", the individual contract shall take precedence.

Article 5 (Establishment of Use Agreement)

  • The Company's service use agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement Agreement") shall be deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Conditions if the person who intends to use the Service reads these Terms and Conditions and clicks the "Agree" or "OK" button.
  • In the application of Paragraph 1, the “company” may request real name verification and identity verification through a specialized agency according to the type of “member”. In addition, the company name and Business Reg. The number must be provided, and the “company” may separately request a certificate (business registration certificate) that can confirm business information for company authentication. Company name and Business Reg. If the number is falsely registered, the business reg. In the case of registration by number, the “member” cannot claim any rights.
  • After the applicant completes the sign-up application, the "Company" notifies the "member" by online guidance and e-mail, and the "Company" manager approves the use contract.
  • Business Reg. Organizations or organizations without a number may sign a contract for use according to a separate procedure set by the “company”.

Article 6 (Acceptance and Restriction of Application for Use)

  • The “Company” approves the use of the service according to the order of receipt, in principle, if there is no problem in the performance of duty or technology for the customer applying for use pursuant to the preceding article.
  • The Company shall not accept the application for use under the following cases.
  1. Actual company name and Business Reg. If the number is not or the application was made using information from other companies
  2. If the contents of the application form are false or have not been provided by the Company
  3. If you are unable to approve due to your fault, or if you apply in violation of other matters
  • The Company may withhold consent until the reasons for the rejection of the application are resolved if the following applies:
  1. The company cannot afford the equipment
  2. When there is technical problem of "Company"
  3. For reasons attributable to the “Company” Lee Yong Seungpleasure In case of difficulty

Article 7 (Contents of Service)

  • The Company may provide the services of Article 2, which are as follows:
  1. Job Lists browsing service
  2. Talent Information Reading Service
  3. Online recruitment management service
  4. Job related services
  5. Services related to exchange and communication between users
  6. Services related to material transactions
  7. Referral Services for Job / Job Search
  8. Others Any service provided by the “Company” to the “Member” for further development or through a partnership agreement.
  • The Company may add or change the contents of the service if necessary. In this case, however, the Company shall notify the member of the addition or change.

Article 8 (“Member Information”, Talent Information Search)

  • "Members" shall accurately fill in each company's information in order to help the Job Seekers (Job Seekers) see the job postings and make judgments on Employers.
  • "Members" shall not discriminate on the basis of gender, age and age in the recruitment and recruitment of workers pursuant to relevant laws and shall not recruit recruitment under 15.
  • In the event of a violation of Section 2 and Section 3, the responsibility for this rests solely with the Member.
  • The Company may disclose company information and job postings registered by the Member in a manner determined by the Company.
  • "Members" may search for talent information registered by Job Seekers for the purpose of hiring employees, and "Members" may contact Job Seekers through separate communications provided by "Company". However, the purpose of viewing and contacting the Talent Information Contact should be limited to employee recruitment activities, and is only possible if Job Seekers allow access. If a company uses it for the purpose of sales marketing or providing a third party, it may be legally liable under the Act on Personal Information Protection Act, Job Stability Act, Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization and Information Protection.

Article 9 (Service through Affiliation)

  • "Company" may provide services to view the company information and job postings of "members" registered on the site through other Internet websites and employment fairs or newspapers and magazines in partnership.
  • "Company" should be notified that it can be registered on other sites and media through affiliates, and the list of affiliated sites should be available for viewing on the site at all times. However, the form of registration is not directly established by the "Company", but the list of media provided by the affiliated company from the "Company" in the form of XML or API can be viewed in a separate affiliate list other than this agreement.
  • "Company" provides company information and Job Lists registered by "Member" through cooperation with the site.
  • If changes occur on the site through the “Article No. 3 ③”, proceed through the notice through the notice.

Article 10 (Fees for Services)

  • “Membership” registration and resume registration are free. However, a paid service for Employers and Job Seekers to effectively expose the resume information of their Job Lists and Job Seekers, and a separate service for using Others services other than the purpose of membership registration may be provided for a fee.
  • The Company shall notify the site of the fee when providing the paid service.
  • The “Company” may change the amount of the paid service usage by the “Company” without notice depending on the type and duration of the service. However, the amount applied or contracted before the change shall not be applied retroactively.
  • If the service is canceled due to “membership” after applying for a paid service, the “company” may charge a refund fee within the scope of this guideline according to the 'Digital Content User Protection Guidelines' notified by the government.

Article XIX (Refund and Refund of Service)

  • The company decides whether to refund according to the following cases.
    1. If service is not available due to the company's fault, refund will be made.
    2. Refunds will be made if a refund is requested prior to the use of the paid service. However, full or partial refund will be made except for the refund fee, production cost and payment fee.
    3. No refund will be given for the period when the remaining period of paid service is less than 7 days.
    4. Refunds will not be issued if the paid member's service period exceeds 2 / 3. If more than 2 / 3 has passed, “Company” calculates the number of days of refund as the 1 day amount and refunds the amount after deduction.
    5. The Company may terminate the authority of paid service and paid member users under Article 19. In this case, no advertising fee for bad notices is returned.
  • If the Company receives a refund request for reasons of Article 1,2, the Company shall refund it based on the following items.
    1. Refund to the account designated by the user.
    2. Process within 3 days from the date of request for refund.
    3. In the event that Employers' request for a refund meets the requirements for a refund, the Company will refund the amount set forth in the Terms and Conditions within 2 business days from the date of notification in Section 3.
    4. For cancellation of paid service and paid members on the day of payment, payment methods other than the unpaid deposit method can be canceled without payment fees.
    5. Refund fees, which are applicable to refunds that are not attributable to the company, apply 10% of the product price.
    6. If a paid service and a paid member request a refund, the remaining points earned as a service when purchasing the product will be returned to the company, and the used points will be refunded.
    7. Refunds will be processed according to the refund formula.

Article 12 (Service Hours)

  • "Company" provides 1 hours of service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, unless otherwise specified. However, the “Company” may set a separate usage time for some of the services provided according to the type or nature of the service. In this case, the “Company” shall notify or notify the “member” of the use time in advance.
  • “Company” may temporarily suspend service in the event of system working time for processing and updating data, maintenance work time for troubleshooting, regular maintenance work, system replacement work, line failure, etc. The notice column should inform you of the service downtime and your work. However, if there is an unavoidable reason that the Company cannot notify in advance, it can be notified afterwards.


Article 13 (Suspension of Service)

  • The Company may suspend the provision of the Services if:
  1. In case of notifying the "members" in advance due to the necessity of the "company", such as maintenance of facilities
  2. When the telecom company company stops providing electricity communication service
  3. When the service is objectively impossible due to force majeure reasons

Article 14 (Provision of Information and Publication of Advertising)

  • The Company may provide the member with a variety of information for the purpose of using the service or for the purpose of improving the service and introducing the service to members.
  • The Company may post information or advertisements related to the services provided on the service screen, homepage, e-mail, etc. The member who receives the e-mail with the advertisement may refuse to the Company. .
  • The Company shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the publication of, or communication with, or a transaction by a "member" in the promotion of the advertiser or through the service.
  • "Member" of this service is regarded as consenting to advertisement display exposed when using service.

Article 15 (Responsibility for data content and authority to edit information of “Company”)

  • The data refers to company information and job postings registered by the “member” and posts posted on the site.
  • “Member” shall faithfully write the contents and posts based on the facts, and “Member” shall be responsible for any facts caused by the fact that the contents are not true or inaccurate.
  • In principle, the “member” is responsible for the management and preparation of all the contents of the data. However, even though the member or the agency is in charge of consignment or agency management, the responsibility for the contents of the data is on the “member”. Efforts should be made.
  • The “Company” may edit the contents of the data registered by the “Member” at any time if there is a mistake, demagnetization, or any phrase or content that is contrary to social norms.
  • When a request for deletion is received from another person (or another corporation) due to false facts and defamation due to the data registered by the "member", the "company" shall object to the "member" within 7 days after prior notice by e-mail or other means. If you do not do so, you may delete the material without notice.

Article 16 (Utilization and Handling of Data Content)

  • The information entered by the “member” can be used as statistical data on employment and related trends, which can be distributed to the media through the media.
  • Job Seekers' Talent Information, which has been duly viewed on the Site, is the personnel data of the Member and its management authority is governed by the Policy of the Member.
  • The “Company” can provide Job Seekers with various statistical data of job seekers who have applied to the Job Lists provided by the “Member” and whether or not to view the job seekers applied through the online application system of the “Site”.

Article 17 (Obligations of the Company)

  • The Company shall make every effort to provide the Service continuously and stably as provided in this Agreement.
  • The Company shall immediately deal with any complaints of the Member regarding service, and if it is difficult to deal with immediately, notify the Member of the reason and schedule by the service screen or other methods.
  • The “Company” shall not be held liable for any damages in case of unexpected events such as natural disasters or system failures and service interruptions. However, it is obligated to do its best to restore data or apply normal services.
  • In order to provide or view materials of "Member" to any third party for purposes other than this service, "Member" must obtain the consent of "Member".
  • In principle, the company information and job postings registered by the member on the site shall be disclosed to the general public who visits the site.

Article 18 (Obligations of "Member")

  • The “member” must comply with the relevant laws and regulations, the provisions of this agreement, and the matters notified by Others “Company”, and shall not engage in acts that interfere with the duty of Others “Company”.
  • The "Member" may not use or provide to others the information obtained by using the Services by copying, duplication, translation, publication, broadcasting, etc. without the prior consent of "Company".
  • The “Member” shall not use the Service for any purpose other than sound employee recruitment and recruitment, and shall not engage in the following acts during its use.
    1. Misuse of another member's ID
    2. For criminal or other criminal activity
    3. Defame or insult another person
    4. Infringes the rights of others' intellectual property rights
    5. Hacking or spreading virus
    6. Consistent transmission of certain content, such as advertising information, against other people's intentions
    7. Actions deemed to be disruptive or likely to interfere with the stable operation of the service
    8. Commercial acts using information and services on the site
    9. Other good behaviors, harms others social order, or violates related laws
  • "Member" shall not redistribute the personal information read through "Site" without the permission of "Company" and the parties, and "Member" shall be solely responsible for the printing and copying of this information.

Article 19 (Termination of Membership / Suspension of Service / Delete Data)

  • The “member” can apply for termination of the contract at any time through the customer center or the site menu to terminate the membership withdrawal or to register the job posting, and the “company” will handle this as prescribed by the relevant laws.
  1. When you have not faithfully fulfilled your obligations
  2. When social objections occur by using information in areas that do not meet the purpose of this service
  3. When the information registered by the member is different from the fact or is manipulated
  4. When the information on the business registration certificate does not match
  5. Business Reg. Registering false corporate information by stealing numbers or business names, or business Reg. When registering company information by number
  6. In the case of a branch, branch, office, etc., the company name was registered without using a specific branch, branch, or office name, or the Business Reg. Despite the separate number, the Business Reg. When signing up with Number
  7. When you do not fill in the important information of the job listing company such as company name, contact name, office contact
  8. If you have not registered or registered by dispatching, acting as a member or registering for job posting, this service will guide you.
  9. When a user registers the same job posting with the same member ID, which has not passed the deadline.
  10. When the same business operator registers the job postings of the same contents that have not yet passed the deadline by using multiple IDs
  11. When you register a false job posting
  12. When the job type, duty content, and working conditions suggested by the author are significantly different from the actual
  13. When the content of duty is not clear only by the recruitment guidelines of the job posting
  14. When we registered notification not recruitment of companies, recruitment of franchises, staff establishment including store establishment, founding
  15. When we registered offer of pyramid expression in multi-level
  16. When you sign up for a job offer, study abroad, sell goods, raise funds, etc.
  17. When we registered student recruitment advertisement, school advertisement to demand education costs, course fee
  18. When we registered advertisement of card offer type or card member offer (beneficiary system advertisement) contents
  19. When you register referral recruitment advertisement, home shopping mall sale advertisement, job introduction, side job advertisement
  20. When you register for a job posting that requires work-related expenses such as employment fees
  21. When you register a job offer of unhealthy contents.
  22. Recruitment notices for cases of job seekers' damages (such as when job seekers were injured by the job posting or when “Employers” violated related laws during employment)
  23. Companies whose complaints have been filed with the Labor Supervisory Service or accused or filed with the relevant authorities due to unpaid wages.
  24. When you defame the service
  25. When it violates the related laws and regulations or when it is necessary for the operator to operate the site smoothly
  • The “Company” must delete all member information when membership is terminated, and if it is necessary to preserve it according to the provisions of related laws, such as the Act on the Protection of Small Visa in Commercial and Electronic Commerce, etc. Keep member information for a while.
  • For the protection of personal information, if the "member" has not used the "site" for one year, the "ID" can be separated into a "dormant account" and the user can stop using the account. In this case, the “Company” shall notify the fact by e-mail, Seomyeon, Busan or SMS 1 days prior to the scheduled date of the “Dormant Account Processing”, and the “Member” shall confirm his / her personal identity and then the “Site” If you have indicated your use of the site, you may use the Site.

Article 20 (False Job Advertisement Warning)

  • All authors are legally liable for any problems arising from false advertisements, and advertising fees paid when posting classified ads are not returned. A person who presents false job advertisements or false job offer conditions may be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 47 years or fined up to 10 million won under Article 5 of the Employment Security Act.

Article 21 (Compensation for Damages)

  • "Company" is responsible for any damages to "members" or any other services provided by "Company" in the event that "Company" violates the provisions of Article 7, Article 16, Article 18, etc. of these Terms. In the event that damages are caused to a "member" for any reason, the company shall reimburse the damages.
  • "Company" shall be compensated for damages if "member" is damaged because the information provided for responsible reasons is not true.
  • "Member" damages the "Company" and the 5 Parties by violating the provisions of Article 17, Article 18, Article 19, Article 3, etc. In the event of damages to the Company and any third party, the member shall reimburse the damages.
  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages caused by the member due to the fault of other members (including Job Seekers, Employers, and recruitment broker members All).

Article 22 (Protection of Personal Information of "Members")

  • The Company shall endeavor to protect the personal information of the Members. Regarding the protection of personal information of the "member", the law shall be in accordance with the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and Information Protection, the Personal Information Protection Act, and the "Privacy Policy" shall be posted on the "Site".

Article 23 (Consent to Use and Use of Credit Information)

  • When the Company wants to provide or utilize the credit information of the "member" acquired in connection with the sign-up to others, according to Article 23 Act on the Use and Protection of Credit Information, the reason and the name of the relevant institution or company And the consent of the “member”.
  • In the event that the Company has consented to the use of the information provided to others in accordance with the law on the use and protection of credit information by the "member" in connection with this service, the "member" shall be referred to the "company" by the credit information provider or credit information concentrator It is assumed that you have agreed to provide information so that it can be used as a resource for judging the credit of a “member” or to be used as a policy material by public institutions.

Article XIX (Settlement of Disputes)

  • "Company" and "Member" shall make all necessary efforts to smoothly resolve any disputes related to the Services.
  • Notwithstanding the efforts of the preceding paragraph, litigations concerning such disputes shall be held by the court of competent jurisdiction of the address of the Company.

Location Based Service Terms

Chapter 1: General Provisions

Article 1 (Purpose)

These Terms and Conditions refer to the employment services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") provided by Members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") by TheWork Korea Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Company"). The purpose is to define the rights, obligations and responsibilities of the company and its members.

Article 2 (Effectiveness and Change of Terms and Conditions)

  • This agreement takes effect when the customer or individual location information subject who applied for the service agrees to these agreements and registers as a user of the service according to the prescribed procedures set by the company.
  • If the member clicks the “Agree” button of these terms and conditions on-line, it is deemed that they have read and fully understood the contents of these terms and conditions, and have agreed to its application.
  • This Agreement may be amended to the extent that it does not violate relevant laws such as the Protection and Use of Company Location Information Act, the Content Industry Promotion Act, the Act on the Protection of Small Visas in Electronic Commerce, etc., and the Act on the Regulation of the Terms and Conditions of the Small Visa Basic Act. have.
  • In the case of revising the company terms and conditions, the date of application and the reason for the revised terms and conditions shall be specified and announced together with the current terms and conditions for a considerable period after the effective date from 10 days before the effective date, and the revised contents are unfavorable to the member For a considerable period after the application date, 30 days before the application date, it will be posted on the service homepage or notified by sending the member an electronic form (e-mail, SMS, etc.) of the revision of the terms and conditions.
  • If the member is notified in accordance with the previous paragraph of the company and does not express an intention to reject it from the date of notice or notice and notice until 7 days after the effective date of the revised agreement, it is deemed to have been approved in the terms of use. If the member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may terminate the use contract.

Article 3 (Application of Related Laws)

These Terms and Conditions shall be applied fairly in accordance with the principle of good faith, and the matters not specified in these Terms and Conditions shall be in accordance with the related laws or regulations.

Article 4 (Contents of Service)

  • The company provides the following services.
    1. Job List Search in Korea using Location
    2. Present Job Lists search results using Location
    3. Provide Job Lists by displaying the current location or the specified location on the map
    4. Save current location or specified location
    5. Present Job Lists search results based on your saved Location
    6. Presenting Post Search Results Using Location

Article 5 (Service Charge)

  • The services provided by the company are basically free. However, in the case of a separate paid service, the fee specified in the service must be paid.
  • The company can charge the fee for using the company's paid service by the method set by the electronic payment company contracted with the company or by adding it to the invoice set by the company.
  • Cancellation and refund of payments made through the use of paid service are subject to the relevant laws such as the company's payment terms and conditions.
  • Requests for refunds due to theft and fraud of members' personal information or requests for personal information by the payer may be refused except as required by law.
  • Data communication fees incurred when using wireless services are separate and are subject to the policies of each mobile phone that subscribes.
  • Charges incurred when posting posts via MMS are in accordance with the mobile phone company's policy.


Article 6 (Notification of Changes in Service Content, etc.)

  • If the company changes or terminates the service contents, the company may notify the member of the registered e-mail address of the change or termination of the service contents through e-mail.
  • In the case of paragraph (1), in the case of notification to an unspecified number of persons, the members may be notified through the notice of other companies such as the website.

Article 7 (Restriction and Suspension of Service Use)

  • The Company may restrict or suspend the member's use of the service if any of the following reasons occur.
    1. When a member interferes with the operation of the company's services on purpose or gross negligence
    2. Inevitable due to service inspection, repair or construction
    3. When the electricity communication service is stopped by the telecom company company for the period specified in the electricitytelecom company business law
    4. When there is a problem in using the service due to national emergency, failure of service facilities or congestion of service
    5. When the Company deems it inappropriate to continue providing services due to serious reasons
  • When the company restricts or suspends the use of the service according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the company shall inform the member of the reasons and the period of limitation.

Article 8 (Use or Provision of Personal Location Information)

  • If a company wants to provide a service using personal location information, the company must express it in the terms of use beforehand and obtain the consent of the personal location information subject.
  • The rights of members and legal representatives and the method of exercising them shall be based on the address of the user at the time of filing. If there is no address, it shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court having jurisdiction over the residence. However, if the address or residence of the user at the time of filing is not clear or the foreign resident is filed, it shall be brought to the competent court under the Civil Procedure Law.
  • The Company automatically records and preserves location information usage, provision, and fact-checking data to settle charges and process complaints with third-party vendors or customers, and keep the data for 6 months.
  • When the Company provides the personal location information to the 3 party designated by the member, the company shall immediately notify the member, the date and time of the provision, and the purpose of providing the information to the communication terminal device which collected the personal location information. However, in the case of 1 in each of the following subparagraphs, notification shall be made to the communication terminal or e-mail address specified by the member in advance.
  1. When the communication terminal device that collects personal location information does not have a function of receiving text, voice or video
  2. If the member has previously requested to be notified by posting online.

Article 9 (Rights of Individual Location Information Subject)

  • A member may revoke all or part of the agreement to the company at any time to provide location-based services using personal location information and to provide a third party of personal location information. In this case, the company destroys the use of collected personal location information and location information and confirmation of the fact of provision.
  • Members can request the Company to temporarily suspend the collection, use or provision of personal location information at any time, and the Company cannot refuse it and has a technical Sudan for it.
  • The member may request the company to view or notify the following data, and if the data is in error, request the correction. In this case, the company cannot refuse the request of the member without justifiable reasons.
    1. Data on collecting, using, and providing location information about myself
    2. Why is my personal location information provided to third parties in accordance with laws regarding the protection and use of location information or other legal provisions?
  • Members may request through the company's prescribed procedures for exercising their rights under Section 1 to Section 3.

Article 10 (Rights of Legal Representative)

  • The company must obtain consent from the member and his / her legal representative for the provision of location-based services using personal location information and the provision of third parties for personal location information for members under 14 years of age. In this case, the legal representative shall have all the rights of the member under Article 3.
  • If the Company intends to use the personal location information or location information of children under the age of 14 or the factual confirmation data provided in the Terms of Use beyond the scope specified or notified, or to provide it to the third party, children under 3 and their courts Obtain the consent of your representative. However, the following cases are excluded.
    1. When information on the use of location information and the facts of provision are required for payment of location information and location-based services
    2. When processing a specific individual for the purpose of statistical writing, academic research or market research

Article 11 (Rights of protection officers of children under the age of 8)

  • The Company agrees to use or provide personal location information for the protection of life or body of a child under the age of 8, if the person responsible for protection (hereinafter referred to as “child under 8”) I assume that I have my consent.
    1. Children under 8
    2. A garter
    3. Persons with mental disabilities under the provisions of Paragraph 2, Paragraph 2, Paragraph 2 of the Welfare of Persons with Disabilities and who are severely disabled under Paragraph 2 of Article 2 of the Promotion of Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Act of the Disabled. Only one character)
  • A protection officer who wishes to consent to the use or provision of personal location information for the protection of life or body of children under 8 years of age, etc., shall submit to the company with Seomyeon, Seomyeon, Busan proving to be a duty of protection. .
  • If the guardian agrees to use or provide personal location information for children under age 8, he or she may exercise the full rights of the individual location information subject.

Article 12 (Designation of Location Information Manager)

  • The Company shall designate and operate a person who is in a position to be in charge of the actual location so that the location information can be properly managed and protected and the complaints of the personal Location information subject can be handled smoothly.
  • The location information manager is the head of the department that provides location-based services.

Article 13 (Indemnity)

  • If a company incurs damages in violation of the provisions of Articles 15 to 26 of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information, the Member may claim damages against the Company. In this case, the company cannot escape the responsibility if it cannot prove that there is no intention and no fault.
  • If a member incurs damage to the company in violation of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the company may claim damages against the member. In this case, the member cannot escape the responsibility if he cannot prove that there is no intention and no fault.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)

  • The Company shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the member if it cannot provide the service in the following cases.
    1. In the event of natural disaster or equivalent force majeure
    2. In case of deliberate interruption of service by 3, who has entered into a service alliance agreement with the company for the provision of services.
    3. If you have a problem with the service due to the member's fault
    4. In case of unintentional or negligible reasons of other companies except for No. 1 to 3
  • The Company does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy, etc. of the information, data, or facts posted on the Service and the Service, and shall not be liable for any damages caused by the Member.

Article 15 (Mutatis Mutatis Mutandis)

  • These Terms are regulated and implemented by the Republic of Korea Act.
  • Matters not provided for in these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by relevant laws and regulations.

Article 16 (Conciliation of Disputes and Others)

  • The Company may apply for finance to the Korea Communications Commission under Article 28 of the Act on the Protection and Use of Location Information when the parties do not negotiate or negotiate a dispute related to Location Information.
  • The Company or Customer may apply for mediation to the Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee under Article 43 of the Personal Information Protection Act if the parties do not negotiate or cannot negotiate a dispute related to location information.
  • Refunds and complaints for advertising products on the site are handled by Corporation The Work Korea, and all responsibility for this lies with Corporation The Work Korea.
Person in charge: Dooyoung Choi | Contact: 02-3771-1152

Article 17 (Company Contact) The company's business name and address are as follows.

  1. Company name: Corporation The Work Korea
  2. Representative: Park Jin-ho
  3. Address: 647th floor, 4 Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
  4. 대표 전화: 02-3771-1152


Article 1 (Effective Date) These terms and conditions shall be effective from November 2019, 11.

Article 2 The location information manager shall designate the following on the basis of 2019 month of 11.

  1. Affiliation: Development Team / Department
  2. Contact: 02-3771-1152