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Job posting information

  • Occupation/Job Category Manufacturing assembly
  • Salary Monthly Salary 3,200,000 won or more


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------Before I read the job advertisement, I would like to say a word-------------

Our company mainly produces automobile parts.

Currently, it has slowed slightly due to the decrease in the quantity of automotive semiconductors, but

Currently, domestic (Hyundai/Kia) / overseas (23 countries) has increased due to an explosive increase in orders.

TOs also occurred in departments that are not currently open, and if you apply for a job as soon as possible, various departments will be opened.

After listening to the explanation, the range of choices has been expanded.

I am writing this article because your company needs talented people like you.

If you are reading this, you are either retiring or thinking of retiring,

Reasons for leaving such people

first drop in volume

(When the amount is significantly less than the original amount due to a decrease in quantity)

Reduction of personnel

(Similarly, when you want to work more by reducing the number of working personnel, but you are forcibly fired)

XNUMXrd - bad management

(When the company is in danger of going bankrupt)

Fourth - contract expiration

(If you want a long-term service, but you have no choice but to be a contract worker)

Fifth - territoriality

(When you are satisfied with your job, but cannot go to work due to personal relationships -> If people are tired, you cannot go to work for long.)

XNUMXth - Salary jungle

(When payment is not made on time on the Salary payment date -> The most important part is that there are still many bad companies..)

Those of you reading this will be one of them.

our company

1. Volume reduction (in parallel with domestic as well as overseas exports)X

2. Reduce personnel? There is a lot of volume, can't we organize personnel?

3. Bad management The company is getting bigger and bigger now. You will feel it when you enter

4. Contract expiry? It is a company that can be converted to full-time 100% as a non-full-time employee, not a contract employee.

5. There is absolutely no territoriality. Each and every one of the personnel is precious. They treat you like family and take good care of you.

(In this company, there are people who quit because the job didn't fit, but not a single person quit because of territoriality.)

6.Salary jungle There are about 3000 employees including other companies. But there must be a reason, right?

---------------------------------End of Introduction --------------- --------------------

*Required Requirement: Long-term workers are welcome to come.

We are looking for people who will work face to face for a long time like family.

*Main product: automobile seat belt and airbag production

(Incidentally, seat belts, doors, mirrors, Others, etc.)

-> There are a lot of production items, so the quantity is large and there are not many ups and downs.

-> We deliver domestically and export overseas.

*About Us

-It is a company with more than 40 years of history, and each process produces and manages products with a smart process.

- There are many major customers as well as Hyundai and Kia.

-Produces 2 million products annually

- We are taking off as the best company among automotive safety parts.

* Location

Factory 1: 1-1, Juk-ri, Oseong-myeon

2nd Factory: Segyo Industrial Complex 21-12 (Stamping only)

*Working 5 days a week (overtime almost always occurs/overtime)

*working hours

-Day and night shift work 08:30~17:30 (2.5H overtime)

*Work type: 1 shifts per week / 2 shifts per 2 weeks / fixed day shift, various departments

*Work Department

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------


-At first, a simple visual inspection and checking of equipment malfunctions

-You can learn techniques such as mold replacement and polishing later.

- This department is suitable for people who have a calm and relaxed personality.

-There is a perception that the press is dangerous, but the safety part is better than any other company.

(Sensor and equipment operation X for beginners)

- There is a manager for all mold change

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

->Requirement: Male under 55 years old / F4,5,6 Visa available

->Work type: 2 weeks, 2 shifts

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

###Inspection packaging (channel latch) (production)###

-You can think of it as product inspection and packaging duty.

-Unlike the press, this department is well suited for those with a fast personality.

-It is duty of folding boxer, requesting label, attaching sticker, etc.

-The department with the most overtime and overtime work

->Requirement: Male under 42 years old / F4,5,6 Visa available

->Work type: 1 weeks, 2 shifts

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

★ Injection (day and night shift) and Sasang (fixed day shift) / ☆Location: Ohseong-myeon


Injection: Male under 48 years old (F4,5,6 Visa possible) / Finishing: Female under 50 years old (Same as Visa)

☞ Plastic coating on car seat belts

☞ Semi-automatic / automatic facility construction

☞ Guaranteed honey when adapting to duty

☞Sasang duty: After injection of the product safety belt, the duty to remove foreign substances around plastic with a knife

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

###Heat treatment (production)###

-Products are produced on a long line, and you do not run the line yourself.

-The equipment works well on the automated line, but you just need to check

-There is no difficulty because all robots work

-Hardness measurement duty and product quality check

->Requirement: Male under 48 years old / F4,5,6

->Work type: 2 weeks, 2 shifts

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

###Forklift (material management)###

-Management of all materials in the company and management of incoming and outgoing

-Role of introducing and withdrawing products from necessary departments

- The main duty is to drive a forklift

-A person who does not need a forklift license, but can drive

->Requirement : Age No matter, Male / F4,5,6

->Work type: fixed day shift, 2 shifts per 2 weeks

-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

*Salary day: the 10th of every month

- The exact amount is paid on the right day.

*average Salary

Day and night shifts - Average 320 (may be higher depending on overtime or overtime)

fixed day shift - Annual Salary 2700


4 major insurances available (required X) / Specific department paid / Meals / Work uniforms / Commuter bus operation / Dormitory operation

statutory-leisure pay / Overtime pay / Overtime pay / 100% full-time conversion

*Full-time welfare

Children's tuition, performance pay, incentives, parental leave (expenses), travel expenses, congratulations and condolences expenses, rank increase, etc.

*Commuter bus route


07:17 In front of the crosswalk across the Nonghyup in Segyo-dong

07:20 In front of the crosswalk in Shinmyeongboram Apartments

07:21 Hanseong Apartment Crosswalk (To Deokdong Apartment)

07:25 Crosswalk across from Cultural Apartment/Good Morning Hospital

07:30 Bus stop past public playground

07:33 Hapjeong Jugong Bus Stop

07:35 Bus stop in front of Gunmun Jugong Building 105

07:42 Sindae-ri Bus Stop

07:47 Taepyeong Apartment Bus Stop

07:50 Across the street from Sookseokri Bakery

08:05 Arrival at work


07:25 Songbuk Market Taxi Stop

07:27 Bus stop in front of Gyeonggi Hotel

07:28 Bukchang Overpass Entrance Bus Stop

07:29 In front of Happy Mart

07:32 In front of Daiso opposite the Songtan branch

07:33 In front of Lotte Cinema

07:35 Nambu Nonghyup Intersection in front of Samsung Digital Plaza

07:37 In front of home-cooked alum opposite Lotte Castle A

07:39 Bus stop in front of Ichung Underpass

08:05 Arrival at work

-------------I have explained the company so far, and the following is a reference, so please refer to it ---------------

As with all production jobs, you have to work overtime or overtime to make a lot of money.

So, when looking for a job, you need to look for a company that does not have a decrease in volume or ups and downs.

There must be a lot of people leaving the company because the reason for leaving is lack of money and personnel cuts.

I think this company should never worry about that part and go ahead.

We're not looking for part-time, we're looking for people who will stay for a long time!!!

Hourly wage: Minimum hourly wage ( 9,160 won)

The reason I come to the production job is to receive various allowances such as overtime pay, overtime pay, and late-night pay.

(There are many people who do not pay for simple part-time..)

Overtime (overtime work other than 8 hours) - 1.5 times the hourly wage

Overtime (weekend work) - 1.5 times the hourly wage

Weekend overtime - double the hourly wage

statutory-leisure pay (parking)

(Payment is paid only within 5 days)

Annual allowance (annual difference)

If you work for only one month, you will receive an annual leave that allows you to take a paid break in the next month.

(If you don't use it, you'll be paid the following month's Salary)

severance pay

(Severance pay is accrued after leaving the company and is applied after 1 year of service.)

0 1 0 - 5 8 4 4 - 4 0 2 6

Please feel free to contact me~~

Contact person in charge

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Job posting information

  • Occupation/Job Category Manufacturing assembly
  • Salary Monthly Salary 3,200,000 won or more

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