1) Corporate sign-up.

If you look at the top right of the mobile or PC version, there are “people-shaped icon” and “Sign-up” buttons.
Click this button to sign-up.

* You must log in to post job postings.

2) Create a job posting.

• Mouse over ①.

• For PC, click “New Post a Job” in ② For smartphones, proceed with ② and ③

* You must log in to post job postings.

3) Create a job posting.

• Write comfortably in Korean. We will translate it automatically.

• After the job posting, the status of the applicants can be received by “Apply Notification Page for Job Seekers”, “E-mail” and “Text”.

Registration of job posting
Posting steps
1. Select Location, Industry and Job.
2. Please enter the requirements and application guidelines.
3. The job posting is ready. (You will receive a notification completion email via e-mail.)

Detailed management of job postings and applicants
• You can check the applicant's resume by clicking View apply.

Job posting and application management
• By clicking My Page, you can check the open and closed recruitment announcements in real time.

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