1) Corporate sign-up.

If you look at the top right of the mobile or PC version, there are “people-shaped icon” and “Sign-up” buttons.
Click this button to sign-up.

* You must log in to post job postings.

2) Create a job posting.

• Mouse over ①.

• For PC, click “New Post a Job” in ② For smartphones, proceed with ② and ③

* You must log in to post job postings.

3) Create a job posting.

• Write comfortably in Korean. We will translate it automatically.

• After the job posting, the status of applicants can be received by “Notification Page for Job Seekers”, “E-mail” and “Text”.

Registration of job posting
Posting steps
1. Location Select a station, industry and job type.
2. Please enter the requirements and application guidelines.
3. The job posting is ready. (You will receive a notification completion email via e-mail.)

Job posting and detailed management of applicants
• It is possible to check the applicant's resume by clicking View Application.

Job announcement and application management
• By clicking My Page, you can check the open and closed recruitment announcements in real time.

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