Model Short-Term Part-Time Recruitment

Topic Images

Hello, we are the image platform company topic images.
I am collecting foreigner images for AI learning.
We are looking for foreigner models that can take photos.

Shooting time: 1 hours
Target: foreigner except Asian countries
Location: Hongdae
Dress: Free Dress
experienced: Does not matter. It is aimed at the general public for AI learning.
Model fee: 30,000

Shooting time is around 1 hours

It is possible to participate with friends and family, and the captured images are not exposed to the outside and are used only for AI learning and research.

Shooting locations are Negotiable, and basically you will be shooting in Hongdae, Itaewon, etc.

If you apply with friends, you can take a picture where you want.
experienced Unlimited, we will be shooting as simple as usual.
Thank you for your support.

Job Summary