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We, Work Korea, directly connect employers and job seekers so that they simplify the hiring and job search process.
Job seekers can use our service for free. Both employers and job seekers no longer have to pay an expensive job brokerage fee, which they pay now.

Come and try our service for your next job opportunities at Work Korea. (

For job seekers, any foreigner who is living in Korea with a valid visa can apply for jobs listed at our website.

The only process you need to apply for a job is with your local phone authentication that verifies you are staying in Korea, which is essential to use our service.

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If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at

To job seekers

Work Korea has implemented a free job search activity between a job offer company and a number of foreigner workers staying in Korea.

When a job posting company posts a job posting, the job posting content is automatically translated into the perfect local language.

After foreigners understand the job postings in their native language, interested candidates apply directly to the job offer through the “Work Korea” site.

Whenever there is an applicant, the recruitment company will be notified that there is an application by e-mail and mobile phone, and the recruiter can check the applicant's resume on the "My Page" on the site.

If there is someone you are interested in among the applicants, or if you would like an interview, you can contact the contact specified in your resume to set the interview time and decide whether to hire after the interview.

If you have more questions about our services, please call 02-3775-1152 혹은 Please contact us and we will be kindly consulted.

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