A little Adventure to Incheon

A little Adventure to Incheon

A little Adventure to the city of the international airport, Incheon meets the west sea of ​​Korea. This city is full of various amazing places and things such as ports, old downtown or sky scrappers.

If you enjoy taking pictures, Incheon is the best place ever for you!


1.Wolmi Island

Wolmi Island is one of the most recommended places in Incheon and this place give you the peaceful time to breath and rest. Wolmi Island is a small Island having a tremendous sea view and the light house.Wolmido Light House Road is highly recommended place for pictures. You can also find an iconic'Incheon' sign such as'lamsterdam' in Amsterdam, Germany, and this is famous selfie spot.

 Wolmi Theme Park & ​​My land are well known theme parks in Wolmi island. It is placed in the sea side and whole theme park is colored with vintage colors. Disco Pang Pang is so famous attraction in Korea so you have to try!


2. Sinpo International Market Area

Sinpo international market is a small market in which you can find fabulous local foods such as chicken, dumplings, etc. The most well known one is Sinpo Dak-gangjeong, which is a crispy Korean styled fried chicken. You will always see the long queue on everyday.


3.Open Port Area (Gaehangjang)

In Open Port Area, you can meet old buildings of the first foreign settlers of Korea. You would feel like you traveled back in time!. Then let's make it real. You can rent Korean traditional attires or old styled costumes or you can visit Life museum where you can understand how the lifestyle of Koreans has changed. You can also take pictures with the exhibition stuffs or background.


4. Chinatown

It is only a few minutes away from the Open Port Area. You can find China Town where you can try Korean-Chinese foods and feel as if you are in China. There are many good Chinese restaurants selling from Jajangmyeon to Jjamppong. You can also take pictures with exotic red buildings!



5. Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village

The last spot is Songwol-dong Fairy Tale Village. You may have seen so many posts about here in Instagram or TicTok. It is a small place near to China Town, in which you can find out themed decorations on the corners and walls. Try to picture all 10 landmarks from Pinocchio to Spider-Man!

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