Job search visa (D-10) for the Korean university graduates

Job search visa (D-10) for the Korean university graduates

Eligibility of application

The jobseeking foreign person who has graduated Korean undergraduates or higher courses

Job search period: Up to 1 year in 6-month increments, however, an extension of up to 2 years is possible. 

However, someone has an illegal employment history while staying in Korea, can not apply for this visa.

□ Scoring System

Age: born in 1949 or younger (maximum 20 points)

Education: Korean bachelor's degree (up to 30 points: certificate, qualification, etc. not recognized)

Experience: Applicant must have similar fields of work experience based on an academic degree (up to 15 points)

Korean proficiency: TOPIC Score (up to 20 points)

Recommendation letter:  Recommendation letter from the head of the central administrative agency or letter from the Korean embassies overseas. (up to 20 points)

Global Enterprise Experience: Members of "Fortune 500" (up to 20 points)

Graduates from world-class universities: QS World University Job levelings 500 or higher (up to 20 points)

Science and Engineering degrees: up to 5 points

Salary levels:  $50,000 and over (up to 5 points)


Violators of the law: 60 points of appraisal

Note: if there are violations such as warnings and fines more than four times within ten years, the application is restricted

For more information

Immigration Contact Center: 1345

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