Temporary VISA for who can not go back.

Temporary VISA for who can not go back.

The government will allow visa expired foreign workers as a seasonally temporal worker in the agricultural and fishery sector for up to 3 months.

According to the "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Livestock Foods," these temporal measures are designed for foreign workers. Who are difficult to leave due to COVID-19. If they wish to work, can be applied on EPS website from 24th September to 7th October. 

Workers who apply for seasonal work can work for up to 3 months, subject to the allocation process of each local government.

When a labor contract is signed with a farmer, the status of residence must be changed to another (G-1) visa through the Legal Department. Furthermore, the government will also finance a living cost of up to 50% during the job-seeking periods.

The government said, "The relevant ministries and local governments will work together to ensure effective measures for two birds with one stone to solve the problems of the lives of foreign workers and the labor shortage in rural areas at the same time."

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