“Securing human resources” Review of Korean nationality for foreigners born in Korea…

Changing Demography of Korea-Reducing working-age population

South Korean government is planning to increase Korea inherited foreigners to cope with future employment shortage in Korea. The government launched "Directions for Response to Changes in Population Structure." This is about to widen opportunities to grant Korean citizenship and expanding the application of the multinational system.

According to the government, they will review the new system for giving Korean citizenship to foreign children born in Korea. The current nationality law stipulates that parents provide Korean citizenship to Korean citizens. 

The multinational system to encourage the naturalization of excellent foreign talent will also be expanded from September. Within the current system, Once foreigners who have acquired Korean citizenship, they have given up their existing nationality within one year. However, This might change shortly. △ Science·Humanities·Academic △Cultural Art·Physical △Management·Trade △Advanced Technology. △ Celebrities △Corporate workers △Original technology holders are now able to hold multinational. 

Current, Korean SMEs are suffering from a manpower shortage. This will open the door for foreign students to find employment in Korea after graduation. In the future, foreigners who graduated from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at a domestic university can work for small and medium-sized enterprises in Korea with non-professional workers (E-9 visa).

Besides, it was decided to create a new area-specific visa and provide sojourn benefits for foreigners who continue to live in rural and rural areas, which are at risk of extinction due to population decline.

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