Seoul to offer disaster relief funds to foreign residents

Aug. 26, The government of Seoul said that the government decided to include foreign residents in its disaster relief payout scheme linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

Suppose the foreign residents meet specific criteria and have household incomes smaller than the median income. In that case, they could apply for the disaster relief funds, beginning Aug. 31.

1) household must have one of the visas that permit employment and profit-making activities and have been registered as living in Seoul more than 90 days since reporting alien registration as of Aug. 27.

2) Student and general trading visas and restricted work can not be a benefit.

3) Income: Less than 75% of the standard median monthly income

  • 1 person- 1,280,256 / 2 person- 2,179,896 / 3 person-2,820,024 / 4 person- 3,460,152 / 5 person- 4,100,280 / 6 person- 4,740,408 / 7- 5,380,536 (KRW/Month)

  • Property standard: Big city (188,000,000 won), small or medium-sized city (118,000,000 won), farming and fishing villages (101,000,000 won)

  • Financial property: 5 million won or less (7 million won or less in case of housing support)

The relief money will be paid by prepaid cards that are valid through Dec. 15.

Online applications start from Aug. 31 to Sept. 25 at a Seoul government website (, or at 40 designated places, including the Seoul Global Center and the Seoul Counseling Center for Migrant Women.

On-site applications can proceed from Sept. 14-25 at ward offices throughout Seoul.

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