Wet Season is Back

It is June and the'wet season' is coming. Korean calls it'Jangma'. According to the forecast, It will start this week. For the Korean newbies, here are some tips for surviving during the wet season.

1.Watertight or Drainage Shoes

First, trying to avoid luxury brand shoes or Air Jordan, it will be wet and, will succumb immediate after on the street. It doesn't matter how deep is your outsole, and it will be wet. Get some watertight sneakers. If you are having a casual moment, wear sandals or flip-flops. Probably it is your best option. If super wet, buy wet season gumboots.

2. Cold Noodles

Eating Cold??? It might strange. However, it is hammy and will cool you down, and perfect for beating the summer humidity. There are various types of noodle; The most well-known is Naengmyeon (Naengmyeon). However, there are many other cold noodles like mil-myeon, Konggooksu, and neang-momil. These are perfect when the weather's so steamy it feels like you can hardly breathe.

3. Don't forget Umbrellas. You need it everywhere 

Your umbrella is at home, or work, or in the back of a taxi, or a restaurant somewhere, and now there are mini-rivers will create floats over sidewalks. End of the wet season you find tens of umbrellas around you. Check your umbrella before you leave. Do not estimate Korean wet season. It will rain like cats and dogs.

The wet season goes until early August. Make sure you drink plenty of water, embrace yourself as a being that sweats and stay air-adjacent whenever you can.

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