Opened Gyeongju Foreign Workers Support Center

Gyeongju City held the opening ceremony on the 7th floor of Gyeongju Employment Welfare Plus Center where the support center was located.

Gyeongju-si Foreign Workers Support Center, one of the 7th public election commitments, provides counseling services to foreign workers, such as life and law, and support for institutional linkage.

In addition, the company plans to provide'One-Contact, One-Stop' integrated services for employment, employment support and counseling of foreign workers through collaboration with the Foreign Workers Team of the Pohang Branch Office of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, and the Employment Support Team of Gyeongju Employment Center.

Nak-young, the Mayor of Nak-young, said, “In cooperation with the Foreign Workers' Support Center and various organizations, foreign workers can use various administrative services easily and conveniently.” Gyeongju will do its best to help foreign workers settle in the community in the future. Said.

The opening ceremony included Mayor Nak-young Joo, Kim Kyung-tae, Employment Department, Pohang Branch, Yoon Byung-gil, City Council Chairman, Keun-Woo Gyeong Police Chief, Yoon Suk-ho, President of Gyeongbuk East, Yu-Sung Workers Welfare + Center, Han Dong-soo Gyeong Police Office, Chairman of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Committee About 30 people including the general welfare director attended.

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