Etiquettes in South Korea: What Not to Do

Etiquettes in South Korea: What Not to Do

There are some habits you do; it can be complete taboo in Korea.

When you visit Korea, there are some top etiquettes you should care. 

1. Use both hands 

You might think ridiculous when you are handing a cashier a bill with both hands. However, this is the Korean etiquettes. When accepting a change or passing to a person 

2. Shake Hands manner

When shaking hands, use both hands or at least do not put you are a hand in pocket. The slight bow might help as a polite gesture.

3. Age is Important

People will ask your age ?! It is a common question among Korean. This might rude question in your home country, as noted on prior, totally normal in Korean culture as it establishes seniority in a relationship.

4. Shoes off in indoor

Plz don't walk inside with shoes on, especially before you entering Korean households, temples and even schools. In a lot of cases, they will provide slippers, so you don't need to worry about being barefoot.

5. Be Careful with Your Chopsticks

After you've finished eating, be careful not to place your chopsticks upright in your bowl. This is said to look like incense at a funeral.

Instead, lay them over the mouth of the bowl, so they balance across.

6. Don't Write name in Red Ink

Never write someone's name in red ink. This is a bad omen, as dead people's names are written in red.

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