New Job Center for Women

New Job Center for Women

experienced counseling, jobseeker support, vocational training, recruitment service, and follow-up management are provided for women returning to work after childrearing or homemaking.

1.Jobseeker Support by Visitation

A career expert provides women who are planning to return to work with counseling, recommendations, and post-employment support.

2. Group Counseling Program

Group counseling is designed to motivate jobseekers to find work and help them become better at finding work.

3. Vocational Training

Specialized training for women in IT and other technologies provide them with the opportunity to find technology-related jobs. This training accommodates the professional capacity and preferences of jobseeking women.

4. Internship Support

Internships for women returning to work after a long time. Supports women in adapting to a new workplace.

Duration: Three months

Details: Three million won per person; subsidies for employers and interns.

5. Job Recommendations and Follow-up Management

Recruitment service for employers and jobseekers. Follow-up management of employers and employees.

6. New Job Center for Women

Saeil Center supports women who have seen their careers interrupted due to childbirth, child-rearing, household chores, etc., and provides a one-stop service that includes career counseling, career training, internship, job brokerage post-management after employment, etc . As of 2018, 155 centers are operated and designated (jointly with the Ministry of Employment and Labor). For employment in areas without a Sail center, we operate metropolitan Saeil centers. The status of designated centers are as follows. To contact Saeil Center, dial ☎1544-1199.

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