List of hospitals and small medical facilities for foreigners in Ansan.

List of hospitals and small medical facilities for foreigners in Ansan.

Foreigners here can get various treatments with the help of interpretation services in different languages.

Some of them are free and others charge some cost.

Below is a list of free of charge medical treatment facilities in Ansan for Foreigners.

There are 9 places on this list where you can find medical help. Most of the treatment facilities are located in Wongok-dong, which is in Ansan, where the vast majority of foreigners reside.

Place and schedule of treatment facilities:

Danwon Health Center = Mon-Fri, General, Dental

▲ Wongok Health Center = Mon-Fri, General, Dental

Ansan Vincent Clinic = Tuesday-Friday, Saturday, Sunday, General Dentistry

▲ Ansan Foreign Workers Center = Sunday, February 2.3.4 General, Dental, Oriental

▲ Ansan Korean Church = 2nd Sunday, General

▲ Ansan Jeil Church = 2.4th Sunday, General and Dental

▲ Ansan Foreign Workers' House, Chinese National Home = 2nd Sunday, General Pain Clinic

Ansan Antioch International Mission = Every Sunday, General

Ansan Onnuri M Center = 1st Sunday, General.

Below are prominent hospitals where you will be charged for the treatment.

1) Ansan Jaseng Oriental Medicine Hospital

Foreign Clinic, which started in 2006, is

 playing a pioneering role in the operation of foreign patient programs in the oriental medical community.

English, Japanese, German, Russian and Mongolian medical staff and coordinators

 provide a total one-stop care service from entry to return.

Offer service

Provided interpretation for medical treatment at the International Medical Center

Telephone, mail consultation

Provision of Chinese herbal medicine clearance documents and overseas delivery

Issuance of medical documents in foreign languages​​​​(charge: medical certificate, referral letter, receipt, copy of the medical record, medical appointment certificate, etc.)

Partner Hotel Reservation Service

Inpatient Airport Shuttle Service

Sightseeing, accommodation information provided

Language Homepage /



Tel: 02-3218-2223, 25


Tel: 02-3218-2219, 21


Tel: 02-3218-2217, 18


Tel: 02-3218-2215, 16


Tel: 02-3218-2223, 25


Tel: 02-3218-2223, 25


Tel: 02-3218-2223, 25

2) Sihwa Hospital.

Since 2011, Sihwa Hospital has been operating a medical coordinator and a foreign medical center, and has been doing its best for the convenience of foreign medical treatment, and has played a pivotal role in medical tourism and foreign medical treatment in Siheung and Ansan.

It supports 3 foreign languages ​​such as English, Chinese, Vietnamese.

The address: Gyeonggi-do Jeongwang 3 (sam) -dong, Siheung-si

3) Korea University Ansan Hospital



Foreign patient, we are now responsible for the interpretation

Ansan Hospital Interpretation Support Team established, providing interpretation service in 4 languages.


The Interpretation Support Team for convenience and prompt medical services in the treatment of foreign patients will provide a variety of support, including language-specific guidance services, appointments, and consultations for foreigners visiting Ansan Hospital. In particular, as well as English, Chinese, Japanese, and Mongolian services to provide a fast and comfortable environment for foreign patients, it is expected to play a big role in improving the satisfaction of foreign patients. 

On the other hand, Korea University Ansan Hospital is planning to establish mid- and short-term plans for foreign patient support, and in addition to providing interpretation services provided by the Interpretation Support Team, it will also be connected with Ansan Foreign Resident Centers, Migrants Interpreter Support Centers and Foreign Workers Centers to strengthen support services for various languages.

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