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From April 1st, the special measures of 'two-week mandatory quarantine' for all immigrants.

Corona 19 confirmed, now over 9,500. The number of new members increased by 105, and the important part is that 40% are from overseas. In the first week of this month, there were 4 patients from abroad, but in the last week, it jumped to 268.The problem is that many of these people can be exposed to unprotected because these people suddenly appear in situations where the authorities haven 't noticed. So the government decided to quarantine all immigrants for two weeks from Wednesday, April 1st.

From April 1st, all people entering Korea will be required to self-contain for two weeks regardless of whether they are from any country.

The mandatory self-isolation, which was limited to immigrants from Europe and the United States, has been expanded worldwide.

Prime Minister Chung Se-gyun said today's meeting at the Central Disaster Safety Response Headquarters is to effectively block entry into non-critical purposes.

[Jung Se-gyun / Prime Minister: The government has stepped up quarantine for immigrants from Europe and the United States this week, but considering the unprecedented steep global spread, further action is needed.]

This is an extraordinary measure as corona19 confirmed cases continue to surge beyond 650,000 people outside the country.

If you are a foreigner without a domestic residence, you will be forced to quarantine for 2 weeks in a facility provided by the government, and you will be responsible for the cost.

Even for the purpose of short-term stay, mandatory quarantine is applied, and in fact, the way for foreign tourists to visit is tightly closed.

If an overseas immigrant violates self-isolation obligations, he must be sentenced to one year or less or a fine of 10 million won.