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Foreign residents in Korea will also support their living expenses if they quarantine themselves… 450,000KRW per person

Long-term foreigners who are self-contained for more than 14 days after entering Korea from Europe, etc., receive a living expenses of 450,000 won per month. Unlike domestic residents, living expenses are not differentially paid according to the number of households.

However, as foreigners on business trips or short-term stays still apply special immigration procedures, it is expected that the number of people who receive support for living expenses will be very small unless self-isolated due to suspicion or suspicious symptoms in Korea.

At the regular briefing held at the Sejong Government Complex on the 20th, Yoon Tae-ho, head of the Central Accident Prevention Headquarters, said, “The majority of foreigners who have arrived for the purpose of staying in Korea have a domestic address.” Support. ”

He added, “If a company supports vacation expenses, it will be paid to employers as well as paid vacation expenses.”

The quarantine authorities are paying living expenses to foreigners according to the announcement of 'paid leave cost and living support expenses due to the occurrence of new infectious disease syndrome and the Middle East respiratory syndrome'.

In the case of self-quarantine for more than 14 days, a month's worth is paid. The living support cost can be applied by the quarantine in Sigun-gu (Eupmyeon-dong) under the jurisdiction of the resident registration.

The cost of living expenses is paid in accordance with the household members. On a monthly basis, it is 45,4900 won for single-person households, 77,4700 won for two-person households, 1,400,000 won for three-person households, 1.23 million won for 4-person households, and 1,475,500 won for 5 households . On the other hand, foreigners pay only 45,4900 won per person.

Conditions for supporting living expenses include those who have been hospitalized and quarantined according to the Infectious Disease Prevention Act if they receive a quarantine notice issued by the public health center, and if they are in quarantine, and have faithfully implemented the measures according to the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, who have not received paid leave under the Infectious Disease Prevention Act, etc. It is a person who satisfies all the conditions of.

“In accordance with the infectious disease prevention method, self-isolators are divided into two methods, such as subsidizing living expenses or paying paid leave separately,” Yoon Tae-ho said.

“The paid vacation fee is limited to 130,000 won per day, so no matter how much the monthly Salary is paid, the upper limit is applied.”