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Voluntary reporting online illegal immigrants' Depart reported 416 people in two days

The Ministry of Justice announced today that 416 foreigners voluntarily filed online for the past two days (11th to 12th) when the Ministry of Justice implemented the 'Online Self-Departure Reporting System' of illegal immigrants.

The Ministry of Justice started the voluntary notification system for illegal immigrants using online (High Korea site) on the 11th to prevent the spread of 'Corona 19' community infection.

According, if illegal immigrants report online three days before departure, they are allowed to leave the airport on the day of departure without having to visit the immigration office of the immigration office.

The Ministry of Justice grants an opportunity to re-enter Visa Rolls for short-term visits after a certain period (3-6 months) after immigration.

However, foreigners who have become illegally immigrated from 1st of last month are subject to a penalty even if they voluntarily leave the country. As a result, the Ministry of Justice said that it had imposed a fine of 39.9 million won for 40 new illegal foreigners who reported voluntarily leaving Japan from the 1st of last month to yesterday (12th).

In addition, from the last day, the Ministry of Justice said that it had imposed a fine on the case of crackdowns, and seven foreigners were charged with the crackdown.