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Ministry of Justice “To report the spread of“ corona 19 ”illegal immigration report online”

As part of the anti-proliferation measures of 'Corona 19', the Ministry of Justice has made it possible to make an online procedure for preliminary notification of illegal immigration.

The Ministry of Justice announced today (5th) that it plans to minimize the movement flow of illegal immigrant foreigners by introducing an 'online advance notice system' starting on the 11th.

Currently, the Ministry of Justice has been implementing the “Voluntary Departure Notification System” since October last year to prevent illegal aliens from committing crimes and leaving the country. Foreigners who wish to report voluntarily leave the country 3 days before departure, visit the immigration offices of foreigners and foreigners for fingerprinting, and even check the crimes at airports and ports in the airport on the day of departure.

If the online advance notification system is implemented, illegal aliens can leave Japan without visiting the residence or foreign government office. If you register your personal information, departure date, departure airport, and departure flight number online (High Korea) 3 to 15 days before departure, visit the airport office with your self-reported passport, copy of passport, and ticket. You can leave immediately.

However, forgery passport exercisers, those whose identity is inconsistent, and those who have been subjected to criminal punishment, must visit the foreign government office of the residence and report in advance.