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Churches continue with online Sunday services

Large Churches in Seoul change their way to serve on Sundays using internet online services, while Korea is on national war against Covid-19

Sarang Church, which is in Seoul is about to go online this Sunday for its Sunday service. There are approximately 40,000 people who viewed the online stream by the church.

Church shares along with the religious community the responsibility to ensure the safety of people. There wasn't any order from the church or someone else, but it was decided voluntarily by the religious community.

Yoido Full Gospel Church in Yeouido, Seoul, the biggest church in Korea, is also continuing with its online Sunday services.
However, some churches are returning to offline services.

Yonsei Central Baptist Church situated in Guro-gu, western Seoul, where cases of mass infection lately broke out, has still not decided on its service form for Sunday.

Meanwhile, the government is calling for churches to continue with their online services. Park Yang-woo, the minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, visited the Korea National Christian Council and the United Christian Churches of Korea on Thursday and asked for churches to take part in participating in “social distancing” to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“I deeply thank the Korean churches for cooperating with the government measures,” Park said. “I ask Korean churches to continue to take part in going online for services, and to refrain from hosting group events until the emergency is over.”