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Mask 5 days rotation system 'curiosity… “If I can't buy this week, can I get four next week?

Starting on the 6th, only two public masks can be purchased at a pharmacy per week. Starting on the 9th, purchases of '5 days rotation system ”will be available to buy masks by day of the week, depending on the year of birth.

Lee Ui-kyung, director of the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, said at the CBS radio 'Kim Hyun-jung's News Show' on February 6 that the 'two per person' is too small. 11 million copies per day, 60 million to 70 million copies, but the demand for medical staff and the vulnerable class is 40-50 million.

There are not enough 2 sheets per person. It can also be purchased in the private sector, and if you are a healthy person who doesn't work in a confined space or is at home. If you already bought a lot at home. These people believe that we are in low demand, so they expect a little concessions, restraints, concessions and then work. ”

Within a week, only two masks per person are being purchased at Nonghyup and post offices. The price is expected to be 1,500 won per sheet. If I can't buy this week, can I buy four next week? It cannot be done. Lee said, “The buying cycle ends with a week and that doesn't lead to the next week.”

Older children and younger children should also visit pharmacies. In order to purchase a public mask, a minor must verify his / her identity with a passport, student ID card, and resident registration card or visit a legal representative and present his / her ID card and resident registration card. The exception is disabled. Mr. Lee said, “The government really worried. “The supply is so limited that it would be inconvenient to strictly enforce this system, but it is inevitable.”